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16. Saving and Sharing Your Map

Now it’s finally time to save and share your map!

  1. To save the map, click the Save button (with the floppy disk icon). Enter your title, tags, and summary to describe the map. Then click Save Map.
  2. To share your map, click on the Share button (with the chain link icon).
  3. Click the checkmark next to Everyone (public) so that you can share the map with the public. Once you do that, all of the share options will become available to you, including sharing the URL to the map or getting embed code to put the map on a website. Screenshot detailing the steps in this section and where they are located in the ArcGIS Online interface Congratulations! You’ve made an informative and interactive map with two layers of spatial data, multiple pop-ups, and even multimedia with your pop-ups!

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