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14. Formatting the Pop-ups for the Protest Locations

Let’s format the pop-ups for the protest locations so that the map viewer can learn more about the sites. The attributes that can be displayed are: “Date”, “Start Location”, “Address”, “City”, “State”, “Zip”, “Photo”, “Details.” Out of these options, let’s display the “Start Location”, “Photo” and “Details.”

  1. In the Map Layers Panel, hover over where it has the name of the points layer “1 Week of Protest” and select the three dots for More Options. Then select Configure Pop-up.
  2. In Pop-up Title write “BLM Protest”
  3. In Display select “A list of field attributes.”
  4. Select Configure Attributes. Now you should see a dialog that looks like this: Screenshot that shows the dialog for formatting the map's protest layer according to attributes Here, you can decide which attributes to display by clicking the checkboxes under the Display column. You can also edit the TextBox Type by having the checkboxes under the Edit column selected. Lastly, you can change the name that appears for the attribute in the pop-up. To do this click on the words in the column Field Alias and it will allow you to put in new text. Let’s try some of these options.
  5. In the Display column select “Start Location” and “Details.” Even though we also want to add “photo” we are not going to check that off here. Media needs to be configured through a different process, which we’ll do next.
  6. You don’t have to change anything in the Edit column.
  7. Under Field Alias click on the word Details and change it to “Protest info.”
  8. Click OK. Now let’s add our photo to the pop-up. Under Pop-up Media select Add < Image. You should see the following dialog: Screenshot that shows the dialog that allows for us to format the image shows in the map's pop-up Let’s try some of the options that are available to us.
  9. In Title delete the text and leave it blank.
  10. Leave the Caption blank.
  11. For the URL, click the plus sign and select “Photo”. You might have to scroll down to find it in the list of attributes.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Click OK again to save your changes. Now you should see a nicer looking pop-up when you click on the points on your map. Some points don’t have any “Protest info,” but for all of them you should see the “start location” and photo. Screenshot showing what the pop-up looks like after following all the steps in this section

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