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13. Changing the Style of the Points Layer

Now you should see a series of points on top of the neighborhood map layer. ArcGIS Online will automatically use an attribute to style the point layer. In my example, it automatically chose “Start location.” Let’s change the style of the points layers so that the symbology is not based on an attribute. I’m not really interested in displaying any particular attribute along with the protests. I just want to see the location of the protests.

  1. Under Choose an attribute to show, select “Show location only.”
  2. Now let’s change the color of the points. In the box that says Location (single symbol) choose OPTIONS.
  3. Select Symbols.
  4. Feel free to play around with the options for the style of the point. You can change the shape, the fill color, the outline, and the size. You can even upload your own image. For mine, I chose an orange star that’s size 12.
  5. Select OK.
  6. And select OK again.
  7. Finally, select DONE to save your changes. Screenshot detailing what the point layer looks like once it has been formatted according to the points above With this map, we should already be able to answer our research question. We wanted to know if there might be a relationship between the location of BLM protests and the racial demographic of the neighborhood, specifically if the neighborhood is majority Black. Here we can already see little correlation between the location of the protests and the racial demographic of the neighborhood. We can observe, however, that many of the protests are taking place in centrally located places in Manhattan and in some parts of Brooklyn. If we click on the points, we’ll also see that many of the location starting points are popular sites and meeting places, such as Times Square, Union Square, and Bryant Park.

Challenges for lesson 13

Assignment: Challenge

Play around with the symbology settings a bit more. See what happens when you change the visible range. What do you think this option is for? For the answer check out this article.

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