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11. Configuring the Pop-up

If you click on your map, you’ll see a pop-up window with all of the information contained in the attribute table. Screenshot that shows what the automatic pop-up window looks like in ArcGIS Online As you’ll see, the pop-up doesn’t look very nice. The names won’t make much sense to the map viewer, and the viewer probably wouldn’t be interested in some of the information, like the ntacode. Let’s configure our pop-up so that it looks better and provides more useful information.

  1. In the map’s Layers Panel, hover over where it has the name of the shapefile NYCntaPerBlack, and you will see some options appear below it—”Show Legend”, “Show Table”, “Change Style”, and “More Options.”
  2. Select More Options by clicking the three dots below the name of the map layer.
  3. Select Configure Pop-up. The Layers Panel will turn into a panel for configuring the pop-up. Screenshot detailing the three steps above on the ArcGIS Online interface Let’s explore the options that we have for the pop-up.
  4. The first thing you’ll see is a checkbox for turning on and off the pop-up. We’re going to leave ours on.
  5. In the Pop-up Title, you can enter a name that will be displayed at the top of every pop-up box. You can type in something. Or you can have one of the attributes displayed. Let’s have the neighborhood name displayed in the pop-up title. To do this, click the plus sign to the right of the text box and select ntaname. Next to ntaname, write “(Black%). Now the title will show the name of the neighborhood and the text “(Black%)”.
  6. In the Display, select the drop-down to see the list of options. The options for what you can display in the pop-up are “A list of attributes”, “A description from one field”, “A custom attribute display”, and “no attribute information”. We are going to select A description from one field since we are only interested in showing the value for Percent Black. Then in the next drop-down select BINHP.
  7. Then click OK to save our changes. Now when you click on the map you should see a popup with just the name of the neighborhood plus the text “(Black%)” and then in the box you will see the value for Percent Black. Screenshot that shows what the map and the pop-up looks like after the steps above

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