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Stephen Zweibel supports digital project creation by GC researchers across the disciplines, helps preserve those projects, and supports faculty and students with their data-based research and data management needs. He also coordinates the library’s growing series of workshops on research skills and tools. Steve earned his master’s degree in library and information science from Long Island University in 2010, and received a master’s degree in the Digital Humanities track of the GC’s MALS program. As a MALS student, he built DH Box, a cloud-based computer lab for digital humanities research (including the tools Omeka, NLTK, IPython, R Studio, and Mallet). DH Box won a National Endowment for the Humanities Start-Up grant. Before coming to the Graduate Center, Steve was a visiting lecturer at Hunter College, where he built several useful library tools, including Augur, a web application to track reference question data; a mobile app for the CUNY library catalog; and Know Thy Shelf, a radio frequency identification (RFID)-based library inventory system.

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