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How to install Firefox for windows

Firefox is a free to download web browser built by the Mozilla Foundation, a non profit organization. Firefox allows users to access websites on the internet.

For the Digital Humanities Research Institute, we use Firefox because it works on Windows and Mac operating systems, it is frequently updated, and it values user privacy.

Step 1: Go to the Firefox download webpage

Visit the Firefox download page in your pre-installed browser, such Internet Explorer or Edge.

Image showing the Firefox download page for Windows

Step 2: Download Firefox Installer

Click the Download Now button. This will prompt a notification bar at the top or bottom of your screen with an option to open, run, or save the Firefox Installer file.

Image showing the Firefox Installer download page for Windows

Step 3: Run Firefox Installer

Click on the Run or Open option in the notification bar to start the process.

Image showing the Open file option for the Firefox Installer in the notification bar

Step 4: User Account Control Settings

A User Account Control dialogue may open that asks you to allow the Firefox Installer to make changes to your device. Click Yes to start the installation.

Image showing the User Account Control dialogue

Step 5: Firefox Installation

Wait for Firefox to finish installing.

Image showing the Firefox installer running

Step 6: Completing Firefox Installation

When the installation is complete, Firefox will open. Congratulations, you have successfully installed Firefox!

Image showing a fresh install of Firefox