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Terms starting with V

A variable is a name that is assigned to a value, and it stores data for future use. Variable assignment uses a single =. The name given is on the left of the =, the value is on the right of the =. Assignment looks like this:

x = 3
name = "Patrick"
name2 = "Ignatz"
grocery_list = ["tomato", "limes", "chocolate"]

A scalable point, line or polygon that can be easily created, edited, or deleted using GIS. Does not have a specific resolution. In QGIS, vectors are contained in vector layers, that can only contain a single type of vectors. Each vector represents a single feature, although some features may be represented by more than one vector (e.g. the vector of the United States includes the mainland U.S. polygon but also polygons for Alaska and Hawaii).

Version control is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later. It allows you to revert selected files back to a previous state, revert the entire project back to a previous state, compare changes over time, see who last modified something that might be causing a problem, who introduced an issue and when, and more. Using a version control software like Git generally means that if you screw things up or lose files, you can easily recover. In addition, you get all this for very little overhead.